With increasing size of mobile fleets and telecom expense, there is a growing hidden cost in managing mobility and telecom expense across organisations.

Challenges are:

  • Manual workflows across multiple departments and external parties
  • Time consuming cost approval & allocation
  • Hidden expense through poor visibility over billing, usage and assets
  • Validating invoices and keeping track of unallocated services
  • Keeping the asset inventory up-to-date
  • Insufficient information to efficiently work with telecom and service providers

Bluewater addresses these hidden costs by optimising mobility business functions and telecom expense management into one platform, providing organisations with:

Improved workflows; internally and with your telecom service provider, saving time, reducing cost and improving the quality of information.

Increased visibility on cost and usage; facilitating control and allocation of expenses, management of user behavior, and identification of unallocated and potentially redundant services, other wastage and billing errors.

Improved governance & control of assets; by closing the gap between procurement, billing and asset management.

As your mobility and telecom expense management platform Bluewater embeds efficiency within your organisation, irrespective of your managed services provider.

“Prior to Bluewater we had a complete lack of visibility & control around mobility assets and telecom expense management. Bluewater has delivered visibility to users and cost centre owners, and savings on the bill through analysis and optimisation capability”

What’s needed to remove
this hidden cost?
Silo Approach
Procurement, Expense &
Usage, Fleet management
Single source of truth for information
Single integrated workflow across functions in the mobility lifecycle
Fast, easy and complete adoption of processes by users
Ability to easily and seamlessly deal with current and future vendors