About Us

The single-platform solution to efficiently manage mobility assets & telecom expenses; seamlessly working with your telecom carrier and managed service provider.

The Bluewater mobility management platform streamlines the management of mobility; from procurement through to usage, asset and expense management. Put simply, our platform provides fleet owners with the ability to procure, allocate, manage and report in a single portal for everything mobile.

As a fleet owner focused platform, Bluewater embeds efficiency within an organisation allowing it to work with any managed mobility service provider without changing internal processes.

We have hundreds of clients on our platform and from all industries.

We strive to remove organisational inefficiency, pain and cost in mobility
and telecom expense management through exceptional software

In coming together to achieve this as a team we value the following:

  • A drive form simplicity & quality in our product
  • An openness to learn
  • A commitment to collaboration and individual accountability
  • A drive to be better


A drive for simplicity & quality.
Like our product, we seek to remove complexity through simplicity and quality in all we do.

An openness to learn.
We are open, seek and embrace feedback, and leverage the knowledge of others, from inside and out.

A belief in collaboration and individual accountability.
We share information, seek opinions and take responsibility for delivering.

A drive to be better.
Status quo is not us. We focus on exceeding our customer needs into the future.