The single-platform solution to manage mobility assets & telecom expenses; seamlessly working with your telecom & managed service partners.

With over 170,000 devices on our platform we help manage mobility assets, telecom spend and usage productivity across a range of businesses.

Why choose Bluewater?

Workflow efficiency &
increased productivity

Visibility on cost &
usage patterns

Governance &
asset control

With Australian businesses spending
~$4 billion pa on enterprise mobility;
many companies face hidden costs in
managing their mobility fleets.

Inefficient processes and a lack of visibility and control can result
in hidden cost. The Bluewater Platform increases productivity
and reduces this cost.

Challenges faced by companies:

  • Manual workflows with multiple departments and external parties lead to a range of fragmented processes
  • Poor visibility over fleet usage, assets and partner activity
  • Difficulty in managing unallocated services
  • Time consuming cost allocation processes within finance
  • Keeping asset inventory up-to-date
  • Insufficient information to work with telecom and service providers efficiently